RHD Bill OF Rights

RHD is a values-driven organization. Although many values are important to the organization, some specific values serve as our cornerstone:

Respect for the dignity and worth of each individual
Employees and consumers have the right to live and/or work in an environment that affirms their fundamental dignity as human beings and does not insult or demean them.

Multi-level thinking
RHD promotes a "win-win" thinking process that encourages the expression of many different viewpoints and rejects one-dimensional thinking.

Empowerment of groups
At RHD, power resides with the group, not with the individual. Group leaders are empowered to empower others and no person, regardless of position, has permission to treat others in an inappropriate or dictatorial manner.

Decentralization of authority
Local decision-making should be maximized and, whenever possible, power and responsibility should not be centralized.

Safe and open environment
All RHD settings must be open environments where employees and consumers feel safe to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

All consumers and employees should be actively encouraged and supported to express fresh ideas and approaches, regardless of the degree to which they depart from what is typical or commonplace.

Honesty and trust
All RHD environments are expected to be places of honest communication that promote and support the belief that each consumer and employee is worthy of trust and must always be treated with respect.

Diversity with regard to characteristics such as race, age, gender, ethnicity, culture, levels of education, economic status, religion and sexual orientation are valued and promoted by the organization. The corporation rejects all discriminatory behaviors toward any individual or group.

Organizational integrity
RHD embraces the obligation to conduct all of its work with strict adherence to the highest ethical standards, including issues relating to laws and regulations and the proper utilization of funds.

Ongoing growth and development
The organization is committed to the constant improvement and utilization of its capacity to respond effectively to new social needs and service challenges.

Personal and professional enrichment
RHD is committed to creating environments that promote the maximum enrichment of the personal and professional life of each consumer and employee.

Quality service
All programs are required to deliver quality services.